[RomandIX] Maintenance on the platform - Monday 1st of july - 1100 CEST

[RomandIX] Will van Gulik will at romandix.ch
Mon Jul 1 14:21:50 UTC 2019

Dear members and friend,

We moved our original switch, and installed the second one. We are now present in
both Telco rooms in Brainserve.

We took a bit longer than expected for our maintenance window, but
everything looks fine now.

I see that most of the sessions came back by themselves, but I still
have quite a good amount of v6 sessions down. Remember to configure them

And just ping us if you have any trouble with the platform.

Kind regards,

Will van Gulik
RomandIX tech team

On Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 09:04:45PM +0200, [RomandIX] Will van Gulik wrote:
> Dear RomandIX members,
> We will be performing a maintenance on the platform Monday 1st of July
> starting around 11:00 CEST in the morning. We plan to move the switch to
> it's permanent location, and will also install our second switch in the
> other Telco room.
> We hope to keep the downtime to 30 minutes but might extend that to 1
> hour.
> We will shut the route server early in the morning in order to reduce
> the trafic ahead of the critical time.
> We would also like to inform you that NTS Workspace AG (AS15576) connected and
> are peering with the route servers. They are announcing around 250 new
> prefixes in v4 so be sure to adjust your max-pref threshold. We would
> suggest 750 for v4 and 250 for v6. 
> Just ping us if you have any questions, and remember to set up your
> sessions with both RS1 and RS2, in case we have an outage on either of
> the 2 hosts.
> Kind regards,
> Will van Gulik
> On behalf of RomandIX's Infra team
> PS : NTS & PCH, sorry for only adding you to the list now, and just
> shout if I'm using the wrong mail ;)
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