[RomandIX] Welcome to RomandIX's members list + RS1 / IXPManager / LG Maintenance Monday 27th August 2018

[RomandIX] Will van Gulik will at romandix.ch
Thu Aug 23 14:47:20 UTC 2018

Hi Everyone !

I've silently subscribed all connected members noc address to this list 
. Feel free to update your details if they aren't convenient or correct.

For now, posts to the list are moderated (to avoid any unwanted loop 
problems), I will open that as soon as it's working as expected.

Also, I wanted to inform you that we will proceed to a maintenance on 
the server hosted in Provence on Monday the 27th August 2018 between 15h 
and 17h (CEST), which will impact rs1, the IXPManager website and the 
Looking Glass during that time. Rs2 and the switching fabric will not be 
impacted. A reboot for several updates is needed as well as cabling 

We will inform you when the maintenance is finished.

And finally, why are I'm using English for communication here ? Because 
we soon will have 2 new connected members who don't have French skills, 
so I'm using the good habits at the start.

Please also take a second to update your records on PeeringDB if it 
hasn't been done recently.

Regards, and Happy Peering,

Will van Gulik
(one of) RomandIX's technical clerk.

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