[Openradio] TheGlobalSquare development and open radio

Rafael Diniz rafael at riseup.net
Wed Feb 15 17:39:22 UTC 2012

> haha! Send a big hug to Thiago! :-)

yeeeeees, Thiago, sure!
; )

> I'm sure there are tons of concerns while running a p2p desktop
> application through RDM and tekies would be necessary, tho.
> I'm going to read about the examples you pointed me, @Andrea, thank you.
> If someone is interested in discussing practical details about how run a
> Tribler-based application via RDM, mode details about the decentralized
> social network we are building etc and maybe join our project, would be
> really amazing, just let me know.

Radio is a very interesting option to provide autonomy and an alternative
to the internet, when it gets cutted off or censured.
Other interesting related project is pskmail:

Andrea pointed some good options!

The advantage of using broadcasting bands/standards is that you can use a
wider channel which will give you more bitrate (of course, sometimes there
is the problem of the law).

Rafael Diniz

> Best, Hieroph4nt.
> On 02/15/2012 06:25 PM, Rafael Diniz wrote:
>> Hi!
>>> Hey, Rafael! Nice, he has taken part in Radio Muda in Campinas, do you
>>> know?
>> I'm from Radio Muda... You're talking about Paulo?
>> ; )
>>> Ok I'm looking at RDM. I wonder how could I find information and
>>> experts
>>> interested in applying this way of transmission into a p2p desktop
>>> application. Any ideas?

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