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Mathias Coinchon coinchon at yahoo.com
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Sorry, I forgot to send it yesterday (I had to reboot to linux to get the file).

Here it is attached. Please bear in mind that I didi some adaptation and further adaptation would be needed to have the full GUI to work but it is not necessary when you use command line arguments for the frequency, gain, ...

Best regards


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Objet : RE: Re : [Openradio] MMB Tools with WBX Daughter Card

Hi Mathias,
Thanks a lot for sending these detailed instructions. I am
yet to recompile 3.3 version. Meanwhile, could you please send me your modification
to CRC-Dwap.py to work with WBX card?
From:Mathias Coinchon
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Subject: Re : [Openradio] MMB Tools with WBX Daughter Card
Hi Binuraj,

I also tested the latest version of the CD and effectively they don't work with
the WBX daughterboard because the CD uses gnuradio 3.2 branch. 

As the WBX is new, you have to use the gnuradio development trunk so the 3.3
branch and copy the CRC DAB executables (or recompile them). 
- To get the gnuradio development trunk you have to do a commit as explained
here and compile it: http://gnuradio.org/redmine/wiki/gnuradio/BuildGuide
- To CRC executables to copy are CRC-DabMux, CRC-DabMod and CRC-Dwap.py + some
libraries (libfec, etc)

CRC-Dwap.py that is the python script  doing baseband sample playout to
the USRP must be adapted. I have done some slights modification to have it
working with the latest gnuradio branch and have gain and offset settings done
in the right way.
I will forward the version I use to you.

If you use Ubuntu, don't use their gnuradio installation because they install
3.0 branch but follow these instructions:

Soon gnuradio plan to release a new stable branch based on 3.3.

Keep also in mind that the CRC tools generate DAB Mode II only, this makes no
change on the multiplex level but is a mode with different OFDM parameters
scaled for L Band. In Europe DAB Mode I is used that has parameters for VHF
band III (174-230MHz). 

There's no problem however using Mode II in VHF except that this mode cannot
cope with long multiple reflections (because of lower OFDM guard interval). All
the tests we are doing on opendigitalradio.org are done in mode II and we
didn't see problems with receivers.

I have put in copy of the email the authors and project managers from CRC who
have designed CRC MMBtools.

Best regards

Mathias Coinchon


De :Binuraj Ravindran
<binuraj at siport.com>
À : openradio at lists.saitis.net
Envoyé le : Mar 27 avril 2010, 2 h 19 min 30 s
Objet : [Openradio] MMB Tools with WBX Daughter Card
recently received USRP1+WBX card and was trying get a DAB Exciter up and
running with CRC-MMB tools. I realized that Beta versions 8 and 9 of CRC-MMB
tools do not recognize WBX daughter cards. Based on the posts at http://opendigitalradio.org/index.php/WBX_daughterboard,
I noticed that you have made significant progress in getting WBX daughter cards
working based on version 3.3.x of GNU Radio. The latest version GNU Radio that
I could download was 3.2.2. Could you please point me to 3.3.x version GNU
Radio, if it is available? I also noticed that there was some modification
needed for CRC-Dwap player. I was wondering whether these changes are published
somewhere. I have attached the log from CRC-MMB tools for your reference.
and Regards,
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