[Cccamp2015] village information mail for cccamp15

lacce lacce at c-base.org
Mon Jul 27 21:32:34 UTC 2015

Dear Villages,

we hope you are as excited about camp as we are. And it's coming close 
now! We've compiled some relevant information for you:

First Come First Serve
…is valid only for the ticket shop, on the camp itself we are living 
together in friendship and harmony and share all our valuable resources 
for a lovely experience. If you place your tents with large gaps you may 
have to move them again or accept tents in between. If all the power 
sockets are gone you may have to unplug some of your fancy equipment for 
your neighbours and so on. And always, be excellent to each other!

We've tried to find a suitable place for all the big villages that 
registered in the wiki with a focus on their special demands and the 
rented tents. In the end the actual situation on site will be the main 
factor, as there are many obstacles on site. Don't forget that space is 
limited in the physical world.

Your placement
You might have found this map already: http://campmap.mazdermind.de/ (Be 
aware that people are contributing their own stuff to that map already. 
If you do so do it at your own risk, changes made there may be ignored 
on site if need arises.)
The assigned area is only a rough spot, not any kind of private area 
only used by you and your village. It all depends on how much people you 
guys are actually (and really!) going to be and what fancy equipment is 
beeing brought to the camp. We have tried to keep spare spaces in all 
areas for dynamic growth and shrinking and for all those small, unplaced 
villages and people without any village.
Keep in mind, that your tents should be anchored with stakes shorter 
than 30cm/11.5 inches. Also digging deeper than 30cm / 11.5 inches is 
not allowed due to safety reasons.

Village isn't placed yet?
We don't want to dictate all the space and placements, so we only helped 
the big villages in finding a place - and especially those villages with 
a rented tent (that isn't able to move). If your village isn't placed 
yet, you have free choice from the spots left. We left some space 
everywhere on the whole campsite.

Cars on the campground
As a rule of thumb: we don't like cars on the camp site. Cars will be 
permitted during daytime for buildup or resupply, but the access will be 
restricted by the entrance crew.
Caravans (or other cars used for sleeping) will be allowed on the 
designated caravan area or, if actually used for housing children, on 
the caravan area near the family camp ground.
Cars on other areas, for example in your village, are ONLY allowed if 
they are an integral part of the village setup or design.
For example: A camper packed full with a mobile radio station with roof 
integrated antennas is allowed, or your mobile hacker/makerspace in that 
old firetruck of yours. Any car that is used only for storing stuff, 
cooking on that small integrated kitchen or beeing the anchor for your 
tent or flag pole shoud definitely park outside.
If your car is a part of your village please keep in mind that you 
should arrive during buildup time and leave only after the end of the 

Power and Water
Please don't forget that we are still camping on a field. Yes, we are 
hackers and therefore there will be power (how can one be without?). But 
all that power is produced on site. Help us and reduce our ecological 
footprint (and costs). Don't let it stop you from bringing cool stuff, 
but please make it power efficient. Similar with water, every liter of 
water that stays unused will reduce the amount of waste water we have to 
buffer, process, dispose and pay for. Our infrastructure is limited, so 
check the needs of all those people around you for a pleasant camp 
experience. (If you blow one of the big fuses or even bring down a 
generator your neighbours will probably notice it.) As for now at least 
one hackerspace is providing rental power equipment 

We will provide an option for buying crates full of water, Mate or beer 
[https://events.ccc.de/camp/2015/wiki/Static:BOC/Central_Ordering]. You 
can buy single crates on site or, if you or your village is interested 
in buying more than 10 crates, please contact boc at lists.ccc.de for large 
orders. There are many stores[https://events.ccc.de/camp/2015/wiki/POIs] 
in Zehdenick, and we do have 
bars[https://events.ccc.de/camp/2015/wiki/Static:BOC#Bars] and different 
varieties of food on site.
Btw, as it apparently wasn't clear for everyone: There is no problem if 
your village is cooking for yourself, like one usually does in a 
hackerspace: Everyone gives a bit, everyone gets a bit. Please keep in 
mind that you should not cook for the purpose of generating money. Do 
not sell any stuff to refinance anything. So please make sure that every 
moneyflow in your village is a donation for whatever consumed, and not a 
way to pay your camp tickets or tent rental (amongst other things) ...

Workshops are sessions, and sessions can be many more things. Please use 
the wiki 
[https://events.ccc.de/camp/2015/wiki/Static:Self-organized_Sessions] to 
publish whenever your village plans to do any kind of session.

At the moment no tickets are available any more. Please keep an eye on 
https://events.ccc.de/ to get to know when there will be a last batch. 
Please tell your village-members who haven't ordered a ticket so far to 
do so, too.

Be excellent to each other!

lacce from your village team

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