[Cccamp2015] your tent placement on the cccamp

lacce lacce at c-base.org
Tue Jul 14 22:06:26 UTC 2015

Dear village,

we proudly announce the first beta version of the village map. After 
some long planning sessions we have achieved a result we can use for the 
next phase of our village distribution.

For those of you who rented tents via the camp orga:

We need to give the map containing the tent placement to Losberger, our 
tent rental partner, at a specific date in the near future that we don't 
know yet, but once we (have to) do that, we won't be able change the 
positions anymore. So please provide us with any information asap!

If you are unhappy with your village location please drop us a mail to 
c3-assemblies at lists.ccc.de.

All rental tents are marked orange in this map: 
(use a reader that supports pdf layers for better viewing)
A zoomable, but user editable (and thus possibly inaccurate), web based 
map is located here: http://campmap.mazdermind.de/

For the tent postion itself:

1. Please specify how your tent(s) will be used to help us in placing 
2. Specify if you want your tent near the pathway or more in the back of 
your village or to the side.
3. Specify the orientation of your tent. (e.g. short side to road)

Send all information or questions to c3-assemblies at lists.ccc.de

Thank you and have a great camp!
lacce for the village coordination team

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