[Cccamp2015] Fwd: Inscription sur le wiki et location tente?

Mathias Coinchon coinchon at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 3 23:31:08 UTC 2015

Hello again,
It looks like the hackcenter 2 is located just near the village so it is convenient. 
The organizers have grouped us with all other groups with amateur radio people involved so there will be hopefully SDR skills around.
There also people at the MuCCC that is bit further, they helped us with the digital radio license and seem to have cool measurement equipment.
Maybe you should also create a project page with Zwave and announce your sessions also on it  and your permanent presence at the village if people are looking for info outside the sessions.On our side, we have made a project page but no session this time (there was one at the congress already)

The population of the village is unknown at this point, it may be bigger or smaller than expected , it seems some had problems getting tickets. Current population forecast is at 13. Anybody on the mailing list that has planned to come but didn't register on the Camp wiki ?

See you at the camp,

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Ok, got you, we have placed all our workshops in Hackcenter 2.

We have also organized a small contest about Z-Wave hacking:

Your SDR skills are welcome!


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> Hi MC
> I wouldn't be concerned. The point of the camp is not to stay all the time in
> the same tent.
> But it would certainly helpful to write down on the lemanicus wiki page when
> an event is held in the lemanicus place, with how many people are involved,
> so that everybody knows and can have reasonable expectations on how much
> space is available.
> mpb
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> Matthias Brändli
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> On 2 August 2015 12:59:21 CEST, Mathias Coinchon <coinchon at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >Hello Serguei,
> >The tent may be a bit small for that considering we will be already 12
> >(+those who didn't register on the Lemanicus page) in a tent of 12 with
> >3 tables.
> >Does it mean we would also need to move the equipment during the
> >workshops ? (we will probably have a lot of stuff on the tables, also
> >with digital radio tests)
> >
> >It may be more confortable to use the self-organised session tents if
> >it's possible
> >https://events.ccc.de/camp/2015/wiki/Static:Self-organized_Sessions#Location
> >
> >
> >Otherwise we will adapt.We have not really organised the tent between
> >the 4 organisations that will be presents Fixme, PTL, you and
> >opendigitalradio.
> >Maybe the others could briefly speak on the mailing list what they have
> >planned or put information in the wiki.
> >On opendigitalradio side, Matthias, Rashid and me (and maybe others)
> >will be on the digital radio project
> >https://events.ccc.de/camp/2015/wiki/Projects:DAB%2B_Digital_RadioSo
> >with SDR, PC, antenna, receivers, GPS clocks, ...There's also an
> >official licence that has been obtained to broadcast in DAB+ over the
> >camp but we have to sort out where we put the antenna and system.
> >Cheers
> >Mathias
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>> >Hello all!
> >
> >I'm Serguei, brother of Polto. Alex told me you allowed us to use your
> >tent on CCC for few workshops. Thanks a lot!
> >
> >We wanted to fix time for our events - two hours on 13th, 15th and
> >17th. May be 16th too. Do you already know your schedule not to overlap
> >with your events?
> >
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